Warranty Policy


Important FAQ’s Return Policy


Hoverboards suppliers are coming up every day more and more, pretending to be the only real hover board suppliers.  This is not true! Most boards are basically the same when it comes to the internal components.

  There are many manufactures overseas mass producing Hoverboards and selling to vendors like us!  Some vendors have chosen profits over quality and are using cheap parts, and  most importantly the battery! We use name brand batteries like LG Batteries and only choose to work with manufactures which are properly licensed to produce batteries and electronic goods.  Our manufactures have obtained the proper certifications like LG UL certificates to manufacture batteries thru LG manufacturing agreements.   Please be careful when purchasing from vendors who are only looking to profit in the short term and leave you with a very expensive broken Hoverboard. 

We have the only Repair Center in the U.S and working directly with our manufactures in making sure all boards are certified before shipping to you!


We use only approved manufactures installing licensed LG batteries in our Hoverboards. LG battery hoverboards perform better than regular chinese batteries with no brand. Additionally the battery inside even if they say are Samsung or LG, may not be packed by authorized vendor. 

Samsung batteries hoverboards:

Due to our staff research Samsung batteries shipments from suppliers in China doesn’t have proper manufacture licenses and being held by US Customs for protection of US Citizens. 

Warranty/Return Policy:

The Hover boards come with 1 year limited warranty against manufacture defects. Any damage incurred by improper usage,negligence, alterations would not be covered by the warranty.

All Hoverboards are tested for quality before shipping. If you notice something wrong with your Hoverboard, please immediately stop use and document by taking pictures and emailing us details. If your board is found to be defective for any reason, we will immediately send a replacement and shipping label so you can send back the defective Hoverboard (30-days from date of purchase only).

NOTE – If you fail to follow warranty policy we will not be able to honor a full exchange. Please make sure you immediately, contact us if something is wrong. Please submit a ticket to CONTACT US page at totalhover.com we will get back to you with the ticket number shortly.