removable battery hoverboards

Removable Battery Hoverboards

Removable Battery Hoverboards – Safe Battery Self Balance Technology.

This article helps you to decide which is the hover board to choose from. There is plenty different styles with different features self balancing scooters. This newest technology is still considered new and still progressing.

Back to January of 2016 there was huge CPSC safety recall of all unsafe hoverboards. CPSC declared safety issue in all hoverboards on the market. The problem had begun in China where manufactures tried to produce lots of self balancing scooters very fast, due to worldwide demand of that new products in technology. We would like to proceed explaining few reasons CPSC claimed this products were unsafe:

Battery issues, like those we heard that “hoverboards catching on fire”. Seems like, entire issue was attached to low quality batteries, as well as wiring connected to the batteries. The problematic battery packs were also connected to manufactures in China and the rush of producing. Additionally, China producers were installing counterfeit batteries claiming that batteries were Samsung or LG. In reality, the batteries were not with original Samsung SDI battery cells inside. As a result, manufactures used to put LG or Samsung logo on battery packs. Below, is the verified battery packaging by Totalhover:

This kind of batteries are currently being installed in all self balancing scooters except new patent hoverboards. Removable battery hoverboards are the safest in the industry. The original manufacture is Koowheel which applied new US patent for its removable battery hover boards.
removable battery hoverboards
Removable battery hoverboards currently are being installed in new 2017 hoverboards . Best nice looks in the industry, newest design hoverboards of 2017. Six different colors available to choose from.


Big Wheels 7.5″ UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard Totalhover T5


Features of newest removable batteries:

  • Completely removable battery pack installed outside of the K5 and T5 hoverboards
  • Waterproof battery for self balance scooters
  • Shockproof battery pack
  • Easy to replace if on the go. Rider has ability to replace the battery pack while outside of charging station